Track Day Cameraman


If you are looking for your "personal cameraman," you have come to the right place. We can incorporate drone footage with action cameras, and DSLR footage on the ground to make your own promotional video.

Be it an autocross, rallycross, drifting, UTV vehicles, or other track day event, we got you covered. 

We can also use a track recorder to record lap progress and overlay into the video.  An OBDII reader can also be included in the mix to overlay statistics such as engine throttle, RPMs, boost, and more. This is an optional service which can be purchased after clicking on "book now." (Some vehicles will support more statistics then others.)

There are other basic options to include when booking your request, such as vehicle make, model, color, number, etc.

The rate for this service is $80 and requires a deposit for half in order to confirm booking. We will provide a fully produced video with as many camera sources as possible. All of our videos are color graded to give the best appearance.

We reserve the right to cancel if there is not enough interest in an "away from home" event, weather, or any other reason preventing us from making it out. You will be fully refunded your deposit amount if that were to happen.

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